On 1st January this year, I started a #draw365 project with a clear brief: to draw at least once every day to improve my drawing skills.

The project grew legs very quickly. Suddenly it wasn’t just “draw” 365 – it was paint/collage/experiment 365. I started to feel really excited about what I was doing as I charted my progress each week on Instagram. It also became about more than just improving technically – I had accidentally started searching for my visual style.

Over the last few months, I’ve watched patterns and preferences emerge. My penchant for fineliners became obvious as no drawing felt complete until it had a crisp black outline. Experimentations with watercolours became more and more elaborate (to the detriment of my permanently blue-stained hands). My preference for cool colour palettes showed as my blue and green paints wore down and my reds and oranges stayed pristine.

I’m still finding my style but I’m having a lot of fun in the process!