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Hey Laurabelle

In 2011 I fell in love… with print. It happened not long after a turbulent fling with web design, and on one rainy January afternoon by pure happenstance I found my calling at The Print Box. Fast forward and my relationship with print design is still going strong – we’ve just had our seven year anniversary.

Over these years I have worked one-to-one with local and UK-wide businesses creating bespoke designs, from logos, to menus, to stationery, to full blown corporate identity, and a whole lot more. My handling of the physical side of the industry (print, proofing, finishing, laminating, trimming, you name it) has made me an expert in the technical side of print design and that shows in my work. No risk of wonky borders on my watch.

I believe in working closely with people to get a real understanding of what they want. A designer/client relationship can be a special one and is made easier, stronger and more fun when you know each other well.

I love what I do and even after all this time my passion for print design has never waned. Watching your designs go from screen to paper is pretty magical and doesn’t get old.

Print isn’t dead, and neither is my love for it.