…that I have more than one topic I like to blog away about but tonight I have accumulated three, and all in the last hour or so.

In reverse order the three topics are:

3. People wishing their mothers, who are not on Facebook, a Happy Mother’s Day…on Facebook. This may sound terribly bitter or cynical but I’m sorry, it is a cry for attention. Wish your mother a happy Mother’s Day in you own quiet and personal way with those who deserve to know about it; don’t broadcast it to Javier who served you cocktails in Malaga three years ago.

2. Women who are referred to as “curvy” or “real women”. Rather interesting subject and am halfway through reading an article on said subject and will most likely be revisited in the near future.

1. After watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel tonight I was reminded of a quote that stuck out in my head when I saw it at the cinema last year:

The only real failure is the failure to try.

There were actually another couple of quotes from that film that stuck with me, all of which, including the above, will be fodder for future blogs. As it has just ticked past two a.m. I am now going to go to bed and revisit them when my head is less dependent on needing a good snooze to function.

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