Why am I voting yes?

Because I am inspired by the idea that my vote will actually count. That my mark on the ballot might count towards bringing in powers more aligned with Scotland than we’ve ever had.

Of course there are risks, but that’s true of both sides. I don’t believe Cameron and his crew will give us these so-called powers they’re promising. And if they do come, it will be because they reacted hastily to the polls, not because they believe it’s something Scotland should have.

I don’t believe the current Westminster government have the interests of the British people at heart. I believe they are more concerned with being big-hitters on a world stage, with making money and playing with the Big Boys.

They know that they are weaker without us. But that’s never been admitted. The very fact that they trouped up here (skipping the PMQs, the saints that they are) shows how out of touch they are with Scotland. Do they really think we can’t see through their shallow attempt to recoup some votes at the last stretch? The scary thing is, it might work.

I trust Alex Salmond to get this shit done. 18 months to get his head down and work hard for the benefit of a nation we all believe in. He has vision and passion for people, which is something I feel Westminster lacks. He is far more aligned with the people of Scotland than Cameron or Miliband ever will be.

It’s not a question of can. It’s a question of should.

I believe an independent Scotland can stand on its own two feet and take it’s own place in the world. I believe we have enough industry and a strong enough economy to support ourselves. I don’t believe we need nuclear arms to protect ourselves.

We have the unique opportunity to take control of our own future and take the responsibility that comes with it. To grow alongside the remaining countries in the UK and the rest if the world. We have the chance to change. Change ourselves and change the UK, even in the event of a yes vote. No matter what the outcome, Westminster needs to wake up and catch up with the rest of the world it is so keen to play ball with.

My terrible memory prevents me from retaining many facts and figures. This statement is simply a summary of all that I have read and tried to absorb over the last few months. What these paragraphs lack in references and footnotes I hope makes up for in genuine, passionate belief.

It doesn’t have to be above divorce, or separation. It’s about building a new system which is in keeping with our ever-growing world. It’s about shaking off the old and broken system. It’s about being ourselves.

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