you know those memories that just stick with you, vivid amidst the grey cloudiness of all the things that you’ve done? One of mine is the boy I used to fancy asking me if my mum made my trousers for me, then laughing with his pals. I was wearing a pair of patchwork denim trousers which happened to suit and fit me incredibly well. After telling him to shut up and flouncing out the cafe I went home and told my mum what happened. This is the part I remember the most:

You have an original style though, pet.

“Is that a good thing?” was my 11-year old self’s main concern. “Of course!” mum said with a wee smile. She must have known that in a few years I would see just how good such a quality is.

The thing is, being “original” is now a trend. Being “odd” is now “cool”. “Geek” is now “chic”. All the things the cool kids used to berate the coolly-challenged for are now hot topics in women’s magazines!

Can’t wait until tractors become fashionable and we can be left in peace.

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